Dr. Pongsak and Dr. Porntip Ajjimarangsee


Founders Double Diamonds

Bangkok , Thailand






"The business is so simple that anyone can achieve success if they want to."



Dr. Pongsak and Dr. Porntip Ajjimarangsee both earned Ph.Ds from United States universities.  After graduating, Dr. Pongsak worked as a software manager for a large company and his last position was Dean of Faculty of Information Technology for a private university in Thailand .  Dr. Porntip was a university instructor and deputy director of the computer center. These excellent positions enabled them to lead a very comfortable life.


They were introduced to the Amway business came life through a friend who introduced them to the Amway water treatment system.  This proved to them that that Amway provided good products of very high quality.  "We started our business very easily by using products and talking to our friends about the products and the business opportunity. The more we talked, the more our business grew.  After three years and a few months, we reached the Diamond level and one year later Executive Diamond.  At this point, we decided to build our business full time."


"As a result of the business, we feel we were able to change ourselves totally.  We learned to change our attitude to be positive in every facet of our life, which has made us much happier.  We have been extremely blessed. We have enough money to realize our dream to help our family.  We have also been able to make friends all over the world through our frequent travels.  We are now expanding our business internationally and are working with our friends so they have the same opportunity. The business is so simple and we believe that anyone in this world can do it."