Brand New Diamonds






Hanh graduated MBA from Université Libre de Bruxelles in Vietnam and has been working at the National Economics University in Hanoi as a lecturer.

Mr. Linh is now still the head of the Education project management board.


They were introduced to the Amway business at their college while going to the University. As the beginning, Hanh & Linh didn’t think Amway was a real business. But after using product and joining the Weekend Leadership Seminar, they changed their mind. Then they were able to value it because they believed the possibilities with this business.


In their opinion, the Amway business is really unique, it's the perfect business in the world because it can bring you to a free life, without the risk.


From the day they decided to get serious, they started to learn and follow the system, which helped them be successful in this business.

They qualified Emerald within 19 months and Diamond after 5 years joining the Amway business.